Power, Speed and Flexibility in a small cost effective package are the hallmark of Panasonic PLC's. Coupled that with their IEC 61131-1 based programming package FPWINPro makes these PLC's truly a pleasure to work with.

FPX - Powerful, compact PLC. High performance, multiple functions and strengthened lineup to support a wider variety of applications.

FPO - Ultra small/ultra slim PLC, suitable for installation anywhere.

FPE (Sigma)- Next-generation compact PLC. Medium-scale functionality provided in nano size.

HMIs - amongst the brightest, sharpest, and most flexible operator panels in the industry. From simp



As an Authorised Panasonic Systems Integrator we have years experience programming and integrating Panasonics PLC's. With Panasonic programming software follwing the IEC 61131-3 international standard we are experts in programming all the various languages included in FPWIN-Pro