Eaton's selection of adjustable frequency drives are designed for OEM applications. Compact drives that adjust a motor's speed to match output requirements, generally producing 10-50 percent in energy savings.

MVX9000 - Microprocessor based, sensorless vector drives provide adjustable speed control for three-phase motors.

GVX9000 - Global solution for every application allowing OEMs the flexibility to deliver worldwide.

SVX9000 - Sensorless vector control technology paired with an adaptive motor
model.  Suitable for multiple motor drive systems and high-speed applications.

SPX9000 - Fast microprocessor provides high-performance applications. Satifies requirements for good motor handling and reliability.


Our Commisioning services extend across the full range of Eaton drives. Wether its a full multi drive system, or a single standalone drive package Northern Dynamics has the experience to make sure your drive is commisioned correctly.